Mickey Mouse Monopoly

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September 19, 2012 by amz1ng

Cover of "Cinderella (Walt Disney's Cinde...

Cover of Cinderella (Walt Disney’s Cinderella)

Are Disney movies influencing children behavior? Are children learning about stereotypical behavior when watching Disney movies? Do very young children know the difference between fantasy and real life events?

The answerer’s to the above questions all depend on who you ask. According to Mickey Mouse Monopoly children can and are influenced by Disney movies on many levels. When children watch Disney movies they often try to resemble, act and behave like some of the characters in the movies. Children take in the information from movies and through play process what they have watched to gain a better understanding.

In my opinion Disney movies are very powerful especially for the child that watches the same movie over and over again. There are many Disney movies that portray the men as heroes and women as weak individuals that need to be saved those scenes alone are teaching children about relationships and power. In several Disney movies in order for the women to be happy she needs a man, Cinderella is a good example.

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