SCWAMP Through Disney


October 2, 2012 by amz1ng

This weekend I took sometime to watch sitcoms that are mostly viewed by children to see if SCWAMP was present. To my suprise just about every children sitcom that I watched on the disney channel SCWAMP was present. I watched several episodes of Good Luck Carlie and ICarlie. Both episodes show the all American family that most children wish they had if they don’t have it. The families on Disney are ideal and that is one reason why children are attracted to the Disney sitcom. Dad is always the hero and knows what’s best. The family’s for the most part are white and able-body and wants to do whats best by society.

One thought on “SCWAMP Through Disney

  1. The creator of the SCWAMP tool is Leslie Grinner, an adjunct professor working in Rhode Island. She is a brilliant resource on a wide range of intersecting issues of class, race, and gender.

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