LGBT Community Takes A Stand


October 19, 2012 by amz1ng

October is LGBT history month its a time for the LGBT community to advocate on a wide scale for their rights as well as share inspiring stories of celebrities who have come out of the closet. Every since the day that my 22-year-old daughter told me that she is a proud lesbian I have been extremely interested in straight privilege and how she would be affected by the stereotypes of being a lesbian. My first thought was life is definitely going to be challenging for  her because not only is she a lesbian she is also a women of color.

What is intriguing to me is all of the support there is for the LGBT community today verses 10 years ago. Several States have recognized same-sex marriages such as Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont and New York to name a few. Several celebrities have come out of the closet including the first former NBA player John Amaechi who chose to disclose the elephant in the closet, after retiring in 2007. The media has jumped on board by mainstreaming gays and lesbians in sitcoms and movies. Online support is also available on many levels for LGBT community.


LGBT Pride Parade San Francisco 2009

LGBT Pride Parade San Francisco 2009 (Photo credit: davidyuweb)






3 thoughts on “LGBT Community Takes A Stand

  1. jeffreyinak says:

    And I will be she is proud of her mother!

  2. jeffreyinak says:

    And I bet she is proud of her mother.

  3. bjw380jrn says:

    Thankfully your daughter is young enough that she is a lesbian now and not 30 years ago or so. She can be who she is without having to hide it and feel proud of herself for being who she is as a person and not by what her partner preferences are.

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