Teen Girls and Halloween Costumes


October 27, 2012 by amz1ng


I assisted in chaperoning an annual Halloween party for teens last night, and was set back by the Halloween costumes that several of the teen girls were wearing. If I did not know any better I would have thought I entered a celebrities ball teens were representing several celebrities in costume with Brittany spears and Cher taking the lead. Most of the teens were half-naked and had extremely tight-fitting clothes on. What I noticed was the need for attention; the teen girls were prancing around the guys making an effort to look cute and or sexy. Of course the teens had to put their own spin on the costumes, unfortunately it was to make the costume look more provocative.

Due to not being able to walk around and take photos for my blog I searched on the internet for similar costumes that I saw girls wearing at the Halloween party. The way girls were dressed at the party concerned me and all I could think of was the media and its effects on children and teens.

Check out  the post below, their was one teen dressed exactly like the lady in the photo, wow!

One thought on “Teen Girls and Halloween Costumes

  1. jeffreyinak says:

    And to think they weren’t watching those music videos! That’s a tough costume to make work.

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